Oy, Purim

Purim is one of those holidays where we don’t tell the whole story.  (https://secularjewishweddings.com/why-do-we-tell-only-half-the-story/)  But it is more than that we don’t tell the whole story.  It’s that we don’t see the whole people. The book of Esther, on which the holiday is based, is a historical fiction, written about 400 years after the events […]

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Why do we tell only half the story?

Chanukah, Purim, Pesakh – all our stories end happy. But do they, really? Let’s take a look at what happens after “they lived happily ever after.” Let’s look at the real stories of Jewish holidays and find out why we tell only half the story. We tell the story of chanukah, the retaking of the

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Why I Have Been Quiet

The situation in Israel and Gaza torments decent people of every ethnicity.  The murderous rampage of Hamas terrorists creates rage and despair among Jews everywhere, not just in Israel.  Is there no place Jews can ever be safe?  The relentless coldhearted siege of Gaza resulting in the needless deaths of civilians is heartbreaking. The Gazan

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How to Make Latkes

For your amusement (I hope) and edification, here's the instructions on making latkes from my book, God-Optional Judaism (available from csjo.org or in digital form from iishj.org).   How to Make LatkesThe Three (or maybe Four) Great ControversiesLatkes are not the kind of food you have an actual recipe for. They’re more the kind of

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Pride Month

  A note for Pride month:It’s 2021 and people still ask me if I perform “gay weddings.” And I still answer them the same way I have since 1987: I perform weddings. I formalize the commitment of people who love each other and want to spend their lives together. That’s it. It is not my

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