Life Cycle Observances


Rabbi Seid works with each couple to create a ceremony that expresses exactly what the couple believes.  She is happy to perform marriages between people of the same or different sexes and religions. Fees vary from $650 – $950 based on distance and coordination with any co-officiants.  Fees can be reduced based on ability to pay.

Baby Naming

In the Secular Jewish tradition, boy babies and girl babies are treated equally with the same ceremony for each.  Babies are welcomed into the community and given their names. No fee, however donations may be made to Tri-Valley Cultural Jews.


Secular funerals honor the deceased with poems, readings and music that express their lives. No fee, however donations may be made to Tri-Valley Cultural Jews.

Brit Mitzvah

Brit Mitzvah preparation and ceremony is available through Tri-Valley Culture Jews.  In the Secular Brit Mitzvah ceremony, 13-year-olds (or those older) demonstrate what they have learned about Jewish culture, history and tradition and what it means to them.  Our celebrations are modest and meaningful. Training is available to members of Tri-Valley Cultural Jews; arrangements are made through the organization.

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