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Speaker & Song Leader
Music is a powerful conveyor of both language and ethics, and singing together cannot help but create a sense of community. Spend an hour singing easy-to-learn Yiddish, Hebrew and English songs with Judith.


Jewish culture is the product of the Jewish people of every time all over the world. Religion can be part of Jewish identity, but is not central or even necessary.


God-Optional Judaism
A handbook for non-religious Jews who want to celebrate their Jewish heritage in a way that is authentic both to Judaism and to their own beliefs.


Life Cycles
Baby-namings, weddings and funerals should reflect your ideals, your values and your personality. Your life-cycle event can be authentically Jewish and authentically “you” at the same time.

“Thank you SO much for all that you did to make our wedding day special and ceremony so personal to us. We’ve loved getting to work with you over the past many months and have so appreciated your insights and guidance.”  Wedding Couple


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