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Jews around the world

Spend a few fascinating sessions learning about the Jews of India, China, Argentina, Kurdistan, Ethiopia and more.

Jewish history

Where did the Jews come from? What sort of Jews lived during the Second Temple period (hint – there were more kinds that there are now!). Where were the Jews and what where they doing in the Middle Ages? What was Jewish life in Europe really like?

Jewish holidays and customs

Where did the holidays come from?  What’s true and what’s myth?  Where did the holiday customs come from?  Learn the real history of Jewish holidays and their traditions.

Jewish life and history

Topics covered:

  • Jewish Women and the Fall Holidays
  • Jews on the Land – farmers and ranchers in Israel, Europe and the Americas
  • Jews in the Labor Movement
  • Making Midrash – interactive workshop on four ways to understand Jewish myths
  • Jewish Self-Defense – The pogrom season of 1903-1905 saw young Jews rise up against the pogroms. Learn about their history and motivation, their influence on Jews in later generations, and a few hilarious events.


Music is a powerful conveyor of both language and ethics, and singing together cannot help but create a sense of community. Spend an hour singing easy-to-learn Yiddish, Hebrew and English songs with Judith.

The Secular Jewish movement

How can you be Jewish without religion? What issues are we facing that were faced by the early Secularists? Who are our founding fathers and mothers?

Weekend scholar-in-residence

Spend a weekend learning a little about a lot of things, or a lot about an aspect of Jewish history, secular Jewish life, or holidays and life-cycles.  Spend a personalized Shabbat observance on Friday night and a weekend full of learning and discussion.  (And, of course, singing.)

Judaism 101

Explore the Jewish calendar, the classic texts, the strange rules of the mikveh, debates about circumcision and other engaging topics.




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