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Why I wrote <i> God-Optional Judaism

On July 18, 2017

Why I wrote God-Optional Judaism

Why I Wrote God-Optional Judaism

I wrote this book because I wanted to say YES. YES to all the Jews who wanted a way to honor their heritage while affirming their connection to all humanity.  YES to Jews who wanted to understand how their humanistic values echoed their Jewish values.  Most of all, YES to all the Jews and members of Jewish families who wanted to know if they were “real Jews” even if they weren’t religious.

Don’t know what to do if you don’t want a bris but want to welcome your baby to the family, the Jewish community and the world?  Don’t know how to observe Yom Kippur in a way that’s meaningful and empowering in a humanistic context?  Don’t know how to explain to others just exactly what kind of Jew you are?  I wrote God-Optional Judaism to help you come up with your own answers, your own way of “doing Jewish” and your own authentic Jewish traditions.

God-Optional Judaism is for Jews, members of Jewish families, and members of families of multiple ethnic heritages who feel connected to Jewish culture, history and traditions without supernatural beliefs.

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