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The Four Children in the time of coronavirus

On March 24, 2020

The Four Children in the time of coronavirus

The first child is the curious one and asks: How is this virus spread and contained?  And we explain that the virus is spread through droplets of coughs and sneezes, and that hands can easily pick up droplets from surfaces and other hands.  We contain it by avoiding the droplets from other people and by making sure we don’t cough and sneeze near others and that we keep our hands away from our faces.

The second child is the selfish one and asks:   I’m young and healthy.  Why should I seclude myself?  And we answer, you must keep away from people who could get seriously sick from being near you if you are infected. 

The third child is kindhearted and asks:  How can I help?  And we answer, you can make sure you keep apart from other people but you can also volunteer to do things that help people who can’t get out.  You can deliver groceries, mow lawns and walk dogs.  And you can make friendly phone calls to people who live alone.

The fourth child is too young to understand what is happening and asks:  What’s going on here?  And we answer, people are sick and we have to do whatever we can to keep everyone healthy.  Wash your hands!

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