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New Beginnings

On October 11, 2020

New Beginnings

Gut yontef!  It’s the Jewish holiday of Simchas Torah.  Simchas Torah is the time that religious Jews finish reading the Torah and begin again immediately.  It’s a celebration of every ending containing a new beginning.

If you’re like me – and everyone I’ve talking with for the past seven or eight months (or maybe 4 years) – you are yearning desperately for a new beginning, for an end to this pause in our normality, both as individuals and as a country.  No matter how hard we wish it, the changes we want to see, the changes we are working towards, are not going to happen right away.  It’s really hard to keep trying when you don’t see results.

If I were a different kind of rabbi, I’d have a nice neat answer for you.  Some uplifting moral.  Some lofty theme.  But I’m not and I don’t.  All I can say is, life is not like reading the Torah.  You don’t get instant resets.  You have to work for your new beginnings.  It’s not easy.  It’s not always successful.  But we do know that if you don’t actually do something, nothing will change.  Your efforts may not be sufficient, but they are necessary. 

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