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On May 17, 2020

Definitely eat cheesecake

It’s always hard to be Jewish alone. It’s even harder at the holidays. We’re coming up to shavuot/sh’vues, so here are a few ideas for celebrating at home. You can find more information about the holiday and how to observe it, along with my Bobe Celia’s recipe for blintzes in God-Optional Judaism (availble from
On May 22, 2020

No Experience is Wasted

We keep saying, “this is a weird time.”  We keep saying, ‘this is different from anything we’ve ever experienced before.”  We keep saying, “I’m not sure I know how to cope with this.”  All those statements are true.  And also not.  Lessons from our past inform this new situation. Don’t touch your face. A guy
On March 24, 2020

The Four Children in the time of coronavirus

The first child is the curious one and asks: How is this virus spread and contained?  And we explain that the virus is spread through droplets of coughs and sneezes, and that hands can easily pick up droplets from surfaces and other hands.  We contain it by avoiding the droplets from other people and by
On December 2, 2019

Why I like Numbers

Here’s one from my old blog that I just rediscovered: Why I Like Numbers No, not that kind of number.  I mean, I like that kind of number, too.  I am, after all, an accountant.  But I mean Numbers.  The Books of Numbers.  In Hebrew, it’s called “In the Desert” which makes me like it even
On November 11, 2019


Don’t say that!  Just don’t.  It is denigrating to your authenticity and it panders to the most extreme religiosity.  Someone is telling you that you are not Jewish enough.  You’re just sorta Jewish.  Jew-ish. No.  Do not fall for the Official Story – that there is only one kind of Real Judaism and everyone else
On September 28, 2019

The Jewish New Year – Why Now?

It’s a new year.  One of four.  This one is the new year we count foreign kings’ reigns  by.  (This is sort of like all race horses having January 1 for their official birthdays.)  A few months from now will be the new year for taxing trees.  In the spring, is the new  year for
On September 23, 2019

Missing from your wedding…

People are getting married later in life than they did 20 or 30 years ago.  Because of this, there are often dear relatives the couple would have loved to have been present at their wedding, but who are no longer alive.  Sometimes the couple would like to remember them at the ceremony but not in
On November 15, 2018

Professional or no?

I’ve performed a lot of weddings, but I’ve also been a guest at weddings, some performed by professionals and some not. The non-professional officiants are usually friends of the couple. They know them well and understand what sort of wedding ceremony the couple wants. Some of the ceremonies are terrific. Some are, well, lacking. They
On September 25, 2018

Judaism Unbound

I had a great time talking with Dan and Lex of Judaism Unbound. You can hear the podcast at here or at Judaism Unbound’s Facebook page.